Profiles: Elena Peterson

Elena Peterson portraitElena Peterson received her bachelors degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of Oregon in 1990. Later that same year, she joined the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington and is currently a Senior Research Scientist in the Computational and Statistical Analytics Division.

Ms. Peterson has led the research, development, and management of multiple cross-disciplinary, multi-laboratory projects focused in the fundamental sciences and national security sectors. Her work has included research and development of integration computational environments for bioinformatics, physics, computational chemistry, and cyber security.

She is currently the principal investigator for the MLSTONES project, which applies algorithms and tools from the biological sciences to create new and innovative solutions to relevant cyber security problems thus merging two of her main interests. She continues to focus on research and development in major national security interests as well as maintaining work in the fundamental sciences.

Ms. Peterson spoke at the commencement ceremony for the CIS Department in 2014. During her time as an undergraduate student, she remembers being one of only 3 women in her CIS classes. Being the only female in her study-groups did not phase Elena one bit, and has not limited her from pursuing her career in computer science.

Elena remains a huge Duck sports fan and makes sure everyone in the lab knows it. When Elena most recently returned to the UO as a invited speaker at the CIS Security Day, she mentioned her motivation to get back to training for her latest triathlon. – A true Duck!