Security and Privacy Grand Challenges for the Internet of Things

Date and time: 
Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 15:30
220 Deschutes
Glenn A. Fink
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Jun Li


The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driven by market pressures, and while security is being considered, the security and privacy consequences of billions of such devices connecting to the Internet cannot be easily conceived of. The possibilities for unintended surveillance through lifestyle analysis, unauthorized access to information, and new attack vectors will continue to increase by 2020, when up to 50 billion devices may be connected. This talk summarizes our recent papers on the various kinds of vulnerabilities that can be expected to arise, and presents a research agenda for mitigating the worst of the impacts. We hope to explain the potential dangers of IoT and highlight the research opportunities in the areas of security and privacy that IoT presents.


Dr. Glenn A. Fink (Senior Cyber Security researcher, PNNL) has been working in computer security with an emphasis on agent-based approaches and human-centric requirements since 2006. He is the lead inventor of several technologies including PNNL's Digital Ants technology, which Scientific American cited as one of ten "world changing ideas" in 2010. His recent work includes research in bio-inspired cyber security. Dr. Fink has chaired three workshops on loT security and privacy, published several papers and book chapters on the topic, and edited a book on security and privacy of cyber-physical systems to be published this Fall.