Where the Wild Things Are (an Internet Safari)

Date and time: 
Thursday, December 1, 2016 - 14:00
220 Deschutes
Chris Larsen
  • Jun Li


It's a jungle out there: lots of places and ways to attack and hide on the Internet, if you're a Bad Guy. This talk will discuss a bunch of them. One interesting aspect of the technologies involved is that they weren't created by the Bad Guys, but by well-meaning people -- you use them every day -- but the Bad Guys are happy to take full advantage.

Among the technologies to be discussed are:

  • Encryption (more and more sites are moving to HTTPS; what are the implications for security?)
  • Cloud services and infrastructure (the same reasons they appeal to IT departments excite the Bad Guys, too)
  • Smartphones (it's not a phone, it's a computer, and computers have vulnerabilities)
  • Internet of Things (ditto; only these likely have more vulnerabilities than normal computers)

All of these are being targeted or abused, which makes for a very challenging career if you want to fight the Bad Guys. (And we'll talk about that, too.)


Chris Larsen has decades of software development, natural language processing, and machine learning experience. At Symantec, he’s an Architect and Research Engineer on the WebPulse threat research team, and a long-time security blogger. He loves looking at logs. He's spoken at RSA, ShmooCon, DerbyCon, HackCon, SaintCon, and other conferences. He cancelled his World of Warcraft account years ago, after realizing it was more fun to spend his gaming time hunting actual bad guys.