User Research Participant

Company Name: CBT Nuggets
Company location: Eugene
Title of position: User Research Participant

Responsibilities: Sign up for one or more test sessions (30-45 minutes long) to help us evaluate the usability of our website and/or product features. Many of the tests can be done online/remotely from home. Some can be done at our HQ near Valley River Center. A test session involves completing tasks on a website and answering questions about those tasks. One of our researchers will be present for every session to guide you through the test tasks. The sessions are typically recorded (audio and screen video, sometimes facial video) but for anonymous, internal use only.

Qualifications/Skills: Anyone 18 or older with a background or interest in computer science, preferably an IT background or interest, as well.

Compensation: $50 Amazon gift card for each session completed.

Expected Start Date: We conduct research sessions on an ongoing basis throughout the year. There's no limit to the number of sessions you can participate in.

How to apply: If you would like to sign up to be contacted about upcoming test sessions, please complete this form:

If you'd like more information before you sign up, please feel free to email JoAnne or Sabah on the CBT Nuggets research team at this address: