Public Talks

November 2017
30 TBA

Zubair Shafiq Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa

21 Title: TBA

Brenton Lessley University of Oregon

Area Exam
16 Measurement and Analysis of Internet Congestion

Amogh Dhamdhere Research Scientist at CAIDA, UC San Diego

15 TBA

Ji Liu Rochester University

06 Title: TBA

Samuel Pollard University of Oregon

Directed Research Project
02 Directed Research Project Presentations

Ph.D. Students University of Oregon

October 2017
26 Security and Privacy Grand Challenges for the Internet of Things

Glenn A. Fink Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

September 2017
14 Performance and Power Impacts of Autotuning of Kalman Filters for Disparate Environments

Brian Gravelle University of Oregon

Directed Research Project
05 Privacy Preserving User Profiling Using Net2Vec

Roberto Gonzalez Networked Systems and Data Analytics Group, NEC Laboratories