Career Mentorship Colloquium: Career Opportunities in the SAP Ecosphere


SAP is the largest software provider in the business application environment, and offers many very good job opportunities. This talk will provide an overview of SAP as a company, the three types of jobs in SAP: system administration (called BASIS), programming, and functional / business consultants. The talk will also discuss the three types of employers: consulting companies, private companies, and SAP itself.

Distinguished Lecture Series - Computerized Voting Machines: Who is Counting your Vote?


As a result of Florida 2000, some people concluded that paper ballots simply couldn't be counted, even though businesses, banks, racetracks, lottery systems, and other entities in our society count and deal with paper all the time. Instead, paperless computerized voting systems (Direct Recording Electronic or DREs) were touted as the solution to "the Florida problem." 

Exact algorithms for Frequency Assignment: Branching versus Dynamic Programming


One thoroughly studied model of the Frequency Assignment Problem is the distance-constrained graph labeling. In particular, an L(2,1)-labeling of a graph is a labeling of its vertices by nonnegative integers such that the labels of adjacent vertices differ by at least 2, and every two vertices with a common neighbor receive different labels. This problem exhibits a remarkably different behavior than ordinary graph coloring - a linear time algorithm for trees is an open problem, and it becomes NP-complete already for graphs of tree-width 2.


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