Adversarial Queuing on Multiple Access Channels


Multiple access channels are broadcast networks with instantaneous delivery of transmitted messages to every station and a possibility of conflict for access to the transmitting medium. A message sent to a channel by a station is received successfully by all the stations when the transmission has not overlapped with transmissions by other stations. Multiple overlapping transmissions result in no station receiving any of the transmitted messages.

The Network Startup Resource Center: Teaching About Networking Around the World


Dale will talk about the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), which is a grant and gift funded activity based at the University of Oregon. The NSRC provides significant outreach and education to the international Internet community. The talk will introduce the NSRC and its activities and will explore possible collaborations between the NSRC and the Computer and Information Science Department.

For slides from the lecture, please see The Network Startup Resource Center

For some background info about the NSRC's activities, please see:


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