From classical logic to delimited control in the hierarchy, via separation


I shall first review results on extensions of the Proof-Program correspondence (a.k.a Curry-Howard correspondence) to classical logic in the line of Parigot's early 90's work on lambda-mu-calculus, focusing in particular on the separation property. Then, I shall introduce a slight extension of lambda-mu which completes Parigot's calculus (in the sense of Böhm completeness) and then lift this to a hierarchy of calculi that I will show to correspond to Danvy and Filinksi's CPS hierarchy of delimited control operator via the call-by-name/call-by-value duality.

Faculty Search Colloquium: Leveraging Emerging Storage Functionality for New Security Services


The complexity of modern operating systems makes securing them a challenging problem. However, changes in the computing model, such as the rise of cloud computing and smarter peripherals, have presented opportunities to reconsider system architectures, as we move from traditional "stove-pipe" computing to distributed systems. In particular, we can build trustworthy components that act to provide security in complex systems.

Building a utopia of visual media


In a utopia of visual media, everyone can easily create, enjoy and share high-quality visual media. My research brings us closer to this dream by developing novel tools for authoring visual media, technologies for effectively presenting visual media on heterogeneous devices, and methods for leveraging large-scale user-contributed media collections for visual media synthesis and understanding.

Career Mentorship Colloquium: Rubicon International Internship Info Session


Rubicon International is an educational technology services firm known for its leadership in the field of curriculum management. The firm partners with public and independent schools throughout the world. They will be hosting and information session for Computer Information Science majors on Tuesday, February 16 at 3:30 pm in Deschutes 100 to discuss their paid summer internships in Portland, OR!


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