CIS-Peking University Joint SE Course and Summer School Invitation to Participate


CIS faculty will describe two exciting new programs from their project CPATHI18n: Internationalization of Computer Science Education - the Pacific Rim Community Model, that provide a unique opportunity for CIS undergrads and graduate students.

Spring Term 2010, CIS 423/523 Distributed Global Software Engineering will give students an opportunity to work in distributed project teams with students from Peking University.

Distinguished Lecture Series - A Cryptic Letter to Thomas Jefferson


On Christmas Day, 1801, Thomas Jefferson received a letter from University of Pennsylvania professor Robert Patterson. The last page of the letter was written using the cipher described in the earlier pages, and Patterson withheld the key, writing, "I may safely defy the united ingenuity of the whole human race to decypher [such writing] to the end of time." The first successful cryptanalysis was done by me in 2007.

I will describe Patterson's cipher, its place in history, and its solution.


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