MACS Major

General Information

The major in mathematics and computer science serves students who want knowledge in both fields but who are not ready to specialize in either. The program is designed to develop team players for information-based occupations. Its graduates have the tools to analyze complex problems and to compute the answers to them. The joint major program offers students the chance to explore computer science while retaining strong foundations in mathematics.

Degree Overview

To obtain a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, you must satisfy the specific CIS major requirements as stated in the UO Catalog at the time you are admitted to the major:

You need not complete all steps in order, but you should carefully plan all steps at the outset of your academic career. As a MACS major, it is essential that you meet with your advisor to be sure that you are satisfying your major requirements. Advising hours may be obtained from the department's main office, 120 Deschutes Hall.

You should also work with Academic Advising make sure you are satisfying your degree requirements.

General University Requirements

To earn a bachelor's degree, you must satisfy general university requirements as stated in the UO Bulletin for the year you entered the UO. In addition, you must satisfy the specific MACS major requirements that are in effect at the time you are admitted to that program. Since the major requirements change over time, you must be careful to adhere to the requirements in effect at the time of admission to the program as a MACS major.

The College of Arts and Sciences awards both Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees to students who major in MACS. In general, if you fulfill the MACS major requirements, you will automatically qualify for a B.S. degree. To qualify for the B.A. degree, you must also fulfill the College of Arts and Science's language requirement.

Major Requirements

To be elligible for a B.S. or B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science, you must meet the major requirements for MACS Core classes, and elective courses approved by your advisor.

Lower-Division Requirements

When you declare MACS as your intended major, you must fulfill the following lower-division requirements before continuing in the MACS major.

  • Math 251, 252, 253 (Calculus I, II, III) OR Math 261, 262, 263 (Honors Calculus I, II, III)
  • Math 231, 232 (Discrete Mathematics I, II)
  • CIS 210, 211, 212 (Computer Science I, II, III)

Students must earn grades of B- or higher in CIS 210, 211, 212 and in Math 231, and 232 for automatic advancement to the upper-division courses. Students with at most one C in the lower-division required courses may submit a prerequisite override request form to continue in the major.

Major Progress Review

Each MACS major must meet with his or her advisor and file a Major Progress Review form as soon as possible after starting upper-division classes.

Satisfactory Progress in the Major

All required coursework must be completed with a grade of C- or Pass or better. Unless otherwise indicated, all coursework used to satisfy the major requirements must be taken graded.

At least 8 credits of CIS upper division elective courses must be taken graded.

Students who receive two grades below C- in upper-division core classes, or three grades below C- in any upper-division classes, may be removed from the major.


Exceptions or modifications to departmental requirements may be requested via written petition to the CIS Undergraduate Education Committee. It is expected that you will have discussed the matter with your advisor.


Admission to a given CIS course requires completion, with a grade of C- or better, of all the prerequisites listed in the UO General Bulletin. CIS 399 and CIS 410 courses taken prior to completion of stated prerequisite will result in course not counting toward upper-division CIS electives. Waiver of a prerequisite is possible only through petition to the CIS Undergraduate Education Committee.