J. Donald Hubbard Family Scholarship in Computer and Information Science

Established in 2003 by the Hubbard family, this scholarship is awarded to a senior undergrad or a graduate student in Computer and Information Science. Preference is given to students who show an interest in human-computer interaction, computer graphics, or multimedia. Secondary criteria are significant contributions of time and energy to the department through volunteer efforts. Academic ranking is also considered, but is not the dominant factor in the determination of the scholarship recipient. Typically, awards are made for one year, but may be repeated for another year. This scholarship is awarded by the departmental scholarship committee

2022 • Ginni Gallagher, Manish Mathai (PhD), Sabrina Reis
2021 • Ellie Kobak, Sabrina A. Reis
2020 • Stefan Fields, Audra McNamee, Abhishek Yenpure (PhD)
2019 • Daniel Loyd, Bethany Van Meter, Dewi Yokelson (PhD)
2018 • Roba Binyahib (PhD), Anisha Malynur
2017 • Sam Gerendasy, Manish Mathai (MS)
2016 • Daniel Ellsworth (MS), Jennifer Horn
2015 • Frankie Gasparovic, Matthew Larsen (MS)
2014 • Miles Nerenberg, Bahador Yeganeh (PhD)
2013 • Adam Bates (PhD)
2012 • Yunfeng Zhang (PhD)
2011 • Megan Brittell (PhD), Riley Harris
2010 • Nicole DelRosso, Yunfeng Zhang (PhD)
2009 • Kyle Vessey
2008 • Xiangkui Yao (PhD)
2007 • Aaron Parecki