2014-15 Research Poster Contest

Students are invited to submit a research poster to the annual research poster contest. Each poster should present individual or group research conducted at least in part in the CIS department. Collaborative work with other department is also welcome! This year there will be seperate competitions for graduates and undergraduates, with seperate prizes. Winners will be selected by a faculty committee. The posters are judged based on their technical content, design clarity and visual appeal. Authors of top three graduate-level, and top three undergraduate-level posters will receive prizes from the department. All posters will be on display in the department hallways during the school year. If you have any questions or require further information email the ACM Student Chapter (acm-exec@cs.uoregon.edu).


11:59PM, May 11th, 2015


Please submit the following materials before the deadline:

  1. Give the final printed poster to Cheri in the main office,
  2. Email a PDF/X or PDF version of your poster to acm-exec@cs.uoregon.edu
  • A poster should be no larger than 36×42 inches. Posters that are larger or significantly smaller than this size, will not be considered.
  • Each poster should present research work that is less than 2 years old. Submitted posters in prior years are not eligible.
  • Students may be a co-author on more than one poster.
  • You can arrange the space and orient the poster either horizontally or vertically.

The department will pay up to $36.00 of the price of printing each submitted poster. To obtain copy services with department funds, you should

  1. Obtain the CIS Department copy card from Charles in room 141 (charles@cs.uoregon.edu)
  2. Return the card with the receipt on the same day.

The copy services must be provided by the AAA Output Room, which provides printing instructions for windows and mac platforms. No other copy services can be reimbursed, and services can only be provided at AAA if you take the department card with you at the time of printing.


The winning posters will be selected by a distinguished faculty panel of judges.

  • First Prize — $150
  • Second Prize — $100
  • Third Prize — $50
  • People's Choice Prize

Ballots will be available beginning Spring of 2015 for all CIS students and faculty to vote for the People's Choice Award.


The main goal of this competition is to help you prepare a research poster (visually appealing and succinct) that effectively communicates your research problem, techniques, results, and what is novel and important about your work. To help you achieve this goal and avoid some common problems that we observed in submitted posters in prior competitions, we have collected the following useful resources:

Prior Contests