UO Eugene Luks Programming Competition

Each year the CIS Department sponsors a programming contest open to all UO students. The contest is a competition among teams to see which team can produce the most working programs to solve a set of problems. Teams are organized into two divisions: graduate division teams consist of two graduate students, and undergraduate division teams consist of three undergraduate students. The members of the winning teams from each year have their names inscribed on a plaque on display at the CIS Department. The competition is a fun challenge of programming skills and teamwork, and can be good preparation for the UO teams for the ACM Programming Competition.

The contest is named to honor Professor Emeritus Eugene Luks, who organized the first contest and continued the tradition with annual contests. Professor Luks continues to contribute problems and participates in contest judging.

For the contest, teams are given several problems to solve within three hours. Solutions to the problems are programs that accept the input described in the problem statement and produce the output specified. The team that solves the most problems wins, with ties being decided by the time of submission of the team's working solutions, plus time penalties for incorrect submissions. Participants have the use of one computer workstation for each team.

Here are the contest rules.

The Twenty-Third Annual UO Eugene Luks Programming Competition will be held on March 2, 2019.

The next contest will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2019 10:00-2:00 in room 200 DES.  To register your team, please send your team details to Jon Kerr or Chris Wilson.  Include all team members' name and email address.  In previous years we have run out of spots so be sure to register early

The Twenty-Second Annual UO Eugene Luks Programming Competition was held on March 10, 2018.

This year the department had 13 undergraduate teams (37 contestants) and two graduate teams (4 contestants).  The goal was to solve up to 6 problems in the shortest amount of time, following the format of the ACM programming contests.  The winners were

Undergraduate Division

  • First Place: Andrew Gao, Quinn Milionis, Andrew Werdermann (Team Mucca), 3 problems solved (time 428)
  • Second Place: Palmer Hogan, Mateo Minato, Daniel Su (Team Krava), 3 problems solved (time 445)
  • Third Place: Alonzo Altimirano, Kevin Kasimov, Taylor Santos (Team Beluga), 3 problems solved (time 521)

Graduate Division

  • First Place: Shweta Gupta, Bharath Kumar (Team Kluska), 3 problems solved (time 364)

Acknowledgements to 

  • Software: Lauradel Collins
  • Organization: Anton Matschek, Chris Wilson
  • Judging:  Lauradel Collins, Ramakrishnan Durairajan, Gene Luks, Joe Sventek
  • Problems: Ramakrishnan Durairajan, Gene Luks, Joe Sventek, Chris Wilson

The Twenty-First Annual UO Eugene Luks Programming Competition was held on April 29, 2017.

There were 13 undergraduate teams and 2 graduate teams competing in the 2017 contest. The same PC2 software that is used for the ACM contests was used for submitting and scoring our contest. The winners were:

Undergraduate Division

  • First Place: Yueqi Zhu (5 problems solved)
  • Second Place: Freddie Wang, Ziming Guo, Fengzheng Wei (4 problems solved)

Graduate Division

  • First Place: Raleigh Foster, Luke Mauer (all 6 problems solved)
  • Second Place: Shweta Gupta, Bharath (4 problems solved)

Acknowledgements to

  • Organizers: Anton Matschek
  • Problem Contributors: Daniel Lowd, Gene Luks, Chris WIlson
  • Judges: Lauradel Collins, Gene Luks, Chris Wilson
  • Systems Support: Lauradel Collins

Results from previous contests.

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