Student Groups

iOS Development Club
The iOS Development Club has built a community of students that are actively pursuing learning the tools and skills to make iOS applications. The club meetings are workshops, iOS developer interviews, and other fun and informative events. website
UO Maker Club
The Maker Club is a group of students who are interested in learning hardware based skills and working on hands-on electronics projects. Our goal is to strengthen our coding skills while expanding our knowledge about hobbyist electronics design and creation, computer hardware, and prototyping. We teach basic skills, work on group projects, and provide support for students working on personal projects. The club is open to students at every level. website
UO Cybersecurity Club
We are a group of UO undergraduate students who are interested in and geared towards advancing student knowledge in all elements of cybersecurity. website
Women in Computer Science (WICS)
The CIS Women in Computer Science group (WICS) is a network for undergraduate and graduate women students, faculty, and staff in our department. website