Profiles: Rohit Prakash

Rohit Prakash portraitRohit Prakash graduated in the September 2012 with a masters degree in Computer Science. Before coming to the U of O, he spent the first 23 years of his life in Bangalore, India where he was born and raised. He completed his bachelor's degree in 2009 in Information Science from PESIT, Bangalore. He moved to the US to pursue his masters at the U of O in 2010.


Here is Rohit's description of his experience in CIS:


"During my 2 years of Masters study at UO CIS, I had the esteemed opportunity of working with great Professors, and had a wonderful experience under the mentorship and guidance of many Professors including Dr. Stephen Fickas, Dr. Chris Wilson, and Dr. Michael Young who were pioneers in their field of work."


"I also had a great learning experience at the UO Graduate School, where I was a GTF for Web Development and System Administration. My duties included working on the UO administration portal for a year. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and exposure to web technologies."


"During my time in CIS I was guided by Star Holmberg, the graduate coordinator at the time. Whenever I needed any help with choosing courses or needed general tips on how to organize and structure my time in the CIS department, she was always willing."


"After a great 2 years of taking relevant courses and doing great projects under Dr. Steve Fickas related to state of the art android programming and APIs, I moved to the Bay area in November 2012, where I started my first job as a User Interface developer at Serena Software (an Application Lifecycle Management company). The first product I was assigned to was called Release Management, which used Javascript and AngularJS."


"After gaining two years experience at Serena, I'm currently holding a Data Visualization UI Engineer position at Pubmatic, an AdTech company which specializes in the field of Data Analytics and Big Data."


"In addition to my programming career I enjoy writing, and have penned and published a fantasy fiction novel, Arindam and the Kalyug Debacle Premonition. I also love to sing whenever time permits."