CIS Spring and Fall 2020 Modified Grading Policy


CIS Spring and Fall 2020 Modified Grading Policy

We have heard from many CIS majors requesting clarification about how the UO spring 2020 modified grading policy will interact with CIS grading policies. This note describes updated CIS grading policies for spring and fall 2020.
As you are aware, the UO modified grading policy for spring and fall 2020 allows students to choose a P/N grading option at any point during spring term and after, until July 16, 2020 (after grades are released). In addition, departments are asked to waive in spring and fall 2020 requirements that require specific grades in courses that count toward the major or that serve as prerequisites for other courses.

As you are also aware, Computer Science requires grades of B- or better in lower-division classes (CIS 210, 211, 212, Math 231, 232) to register for upper-division classes. Computer Science also requires that many courses that are required for the major be taken for a grade (see catalog/website).

Computer Science strongly supports the UO goal that students’ progress toward undergraduate degrees should not be harmed by spring and fall 2020 world events. Computer Science also strongly supports student preparedness for upper-division courses, as indicated by grades earned in lower-division courses. Strong preparation in lower-division courses provides the foundation for success in upper-division courses and continued progress toward major and UO degree requirements.

After careful consideration of these goals, and in consultation with CIS faculty and students, CIS has modified its grading policy for spring and fall 2020. Please note that these modifications (in italics) apply only to classes taken in spring or fall 2020.

  • Any class may be taken as P/N or graded, including CIS required courses, math courses, and CIS upper-division elective courses. Courses must be passed with a grade of C- or higher or P to count toward major requirements.
  • For a P grade in lower-division courses, students will need to submit a prerequisite override request to register for 300-level courses. However, if the P grade(s) are from courses taken only in spring or fall 2020, and there are no other warning signs regarding preparedness for upper-division courses (for example, multiple repeated courses or low grades), the override request will be approved. Approval may be conditional, depending on individual circumstances, as described in the prerequisite override request.

CIS majors are strongly encouraged to take courses graded, as usual. Our goal is to provide students with the full experience of the major courses in spring and fall 2020, albeit remotely. However, we understand that this is an unusual term, and there may be particular circumstances that require flexibility. This CIS spring and fall 2020 modified grading policy is designed to support progress in the major for all students.

As always, your feedback is welcome. Feel free to send questions to

With our best wishes for a great spring term,

CIS Undergraduate Education Committee