Faculty Research Topics

Date and time: 
Thu, Nov 7 2019 - 3:30pm
220 Deschutes
Brittany Erickson
University of Oregon

This week, we continue our introduction to faculty research topics. We encourage all faculty members and MS/PhD students to attend and hope these presentations would help students meet faculty members and get exposed to the full range of the research portfolio in our department. We feature the following speakers this week:

State-of-the-art algorithms in computational plasticity Brittany Erickson

In this talk I will share details of my research in continuum mechanics and associated computational algorithms for obtaining numerical solutions.  Many areas of scientific study including civil engineering, material science, and Earth science involve modeling of complex materials described by nonlinear flow laws and subject to constraints on stress states.  I will provide background material in the theoretical foundations of inelasticity as well as convex optimization theory and integration algorithms for the associated partial differential equations. I will conclude with applications to forward models of earthquake cycles within plastic material modeled over thousands of years that require computational strategies to efficiently handle varying time scales.