OpenSHMEM: POSH and Helena

Date and time: 
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 15:30
220 Deschutes
Camille Coti
University of Paris North-XIII
  • Allen Malony

I will present some work around the OpenSHMEM interface. At first I will present POSH, an implementation of the OpenSHMEM standard that aims at using a software layer as thin as possible, using techniques including metaprogramming. Then I will present results issued from a collaboration with colleagues who work on model checking, a formal verification technique that consists in exploring all the possible states of a system in order to verify properties on this system. The combinatorial explosion of the number of states makes model checking both computation-intensive and memory-intensive. We have worked on a parallelization of this exploration that takes advantage of OpenSHMEM's one-sided communication model, and a distributed compression technique called collapse compression.


Camille Coti graduated with a MSc in telecommunication engineering from the French National Institute for Telecommunication in 2006 and a PhD from University Paris Sud-XI in 2009. While preparing her PhD, she worked at Inria with Franck Cappello and at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with Jack Dongarra and George Bosilca, in the OpenMPI team. After a post doc working on UPC with Glenn Luecke at Iowa State University, she moved back to France in 2010, where she is now an assistant/associate professor at University Paris 13 and the co-director of the undergraduate program in telecommunication at the College of Technology.