Scheduling DDoS Cloud Scrubbing in ISP Networks via Randomized Online Auctions

Date and time: 
Monday, February 17, 2020 - 15:00
220 Deschutes
Wencong You
University of Oregon
  • Lei Jiao (Chair)
  • Jun Li
  • Thanh Nguyen

While both Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and third-party Security Service Providers (SSPs) offer Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) mitigation services through cloud-based scrubbing centers, it is often beneficial for ISPs to outsource part of the traffic scrubbing to SSPs to achieve less economic cost and better network performance. To explore this potential, we design an online auction mechanism, featured by the challenge of the switching cost of using different winning bids over time. Formulating the social cost minimization as a nonconvex integer program, we firstly relax it and design an online algorithm that breaks it into a series of modified single-shot problems and solves each of them in polynomial time, without requiring knowledge of future inputs; then, we design a randomized rounding algorithm to convert the fractional decisions into integers without violating any constraints; and finally, we design the payment for each bid& based on its winning probability. We rigorously prove that our mechanism achieves a parameterized-constant competitive ratio for the long-term social cost, with truthfulness and individual rationality in expectation. We also exhibit its superior practical performance via evaluations driven by real-world data traces.