Robustness of Neural Networks for Discrete Input: An Adversarial Perspective

Date and time: 
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 15:30
220 Deschutes
Javid Ebrahimi
University of Oregon
  • Dejing Dou
  • Daniel Lowd
  • Reza Rejaie
  • Yashar Ahmadian, Biology

In the past few years, evaluating on adversarial examples has become a standard procedure to measure robustness of deep learning models. Literature on adversarial examples for neural nets has largely focused on image data, which are represented as points in continuous space. However, a vast proportion of machine learning models operate on discrete input, and thus demand a similar rigor in understanding their vulnerabilities and robustness. We study robustness of neural network architectures for textual and graph inputs, through the lens of adversarial input perturbations. We will cover methods for both attacks and defense; we will focus on 1) addressing challenges in optimization for creating adversarial perturbations for discrete data; 2) evaluating and contrasting white-box and black-box adversarial examples; and 3) proposing efficient methods to make the models robust against adversarial attacks.