Solver Selection Techniques for Sparse Linear Systems

Date and time: 
Monday, May 20, 2019 - 16:30
200 Deschutes
Kanika Sood
University of Oregon
  • Boyana Norris (Chair)
  • Dejing Dou
  • Lei Jiao
  • Elizabeth Bohls, English
  • Elizabeth Jessup, University of Colorado Boulder

Scientific and engineering applications are dominated by linear algebra and depend on scalable solutions of sparse linear systems. For large problems, preconditioned iterative methods are a popular choice. High-performance numerical libraries offer a variety of preconditioned Newton-Krylov methods for solving sparse problems. However, the selection of a well-performing Krylov method remains to be the user's responsibility. This research presents the technique for choosing well-performing parallel sparse linear solver methods, based on the problem characteristics and the amount of communication involved in the Krylov methods.