Julif's Programming Competition

Every spring term of each year, the CIS Department holds the Annual Juilfs Programming Competition. 

This year's Juilfs Programming Competition will be held Saturday, June 2nd beginning at 10 AM. It takes place in Deschutes Hall room 100.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage interest in programming among CIS majors, potential majors, and other students interested in problem-solving and programming. The contest is open to UO and LCC students who have taken 100-level or 200-level CIS courses but have not yet started any 300-level CIS courses. During this activity, students have the opportunity to exercise their problem-solving knowledge and programming skills in a fun and challenging environment.

The contest takes the form of a competition among teams to see which team can produce working programs to solve the most problems of varying difficulty levels. Teams consist of two students, writing programs in languages they have learned in the lower division courses. The winning team is the recipient of the Juilfs Award and the members' names will be inscribed on a plaque on display at the CIS Department. All students participating in the competition will receive a competition T-shirt. The competition is a fun challenge of programming skills and teamwork and can be good preparation for the various other programming competitions, coordinated by the CIS Department.

For the contest, teams are given several problems to solve within three hours. Solutions to the problems are programs that accept the input described in the problem statement and produce the output specified. Solving a problem will earn a specified number of points, based on the difficulty of the problem. The team that earns the most points wins the contest, with ties being broken by having the least amount of time accumulated to submit working solutions. Each team will use just one computer to work on the problems.

To RSVP email Anton Matschek by May 25, 2018, Undergraduate & Travel Coordinator at antonm@cs.uoregon.edu

To learn more about the Juilfs Programming Competition please click here.