Graduate Financial Aid

Sources of Financial Aid

Financial Aid offered by the Department of Computer Science takes the form of teaching or research fellowships. For more information, read the rest of this page.

Students may also find financial aid through Grants and Scholarships outside the department, GE appointments in other departments, or other sources. It is the students responsibility to locate and secure this type of support, but we offer links to a few resources here.

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Applying for a GE position

Graduate Employee (GE) teaching appointments are competitive and may be applied for concurrent with or at any time after admission to the department. GE support provides a full tuition waiver and stipend. Duties usually involve teaching under the supervision of a faculty instructor, grading, and other course-related duties. Students who do not secure a CS GE appointment may want to look for GE positions in other areas of the university.

Graduate Employee (GE) research appointments are made by faculty members with grant funding that allows support of students. GE research positions are usually located by students after arriving at the UO and developing research interests and relationships with faculty.

Teaching Resources

It can be challenging to stand in front of a class for the first time, especially if you've just arrived at graduate school yourself. The CS department prides itself on the quality of its graduate teachers, and to help insure continued success, all new GE's are required to take the Division of Graduate Studies Manadatory GE Training, as well as CS 610 Teaching Effectiveness in Fall term.  For those looking for additional assistance or further training, the Teaching Engagement Program (TEP) is a free service provided to all faculty and GE's. TEP offers training seminars, individualized consultations, classroom observation, and many other services.  

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Your Collective Bargaining Agreement (Contract)

Your CBA (contract) spells out the obligations you have agreed to, as well as the protection you enjoy. If you don't know the answers to the following questions, consider skimming through your contract:

  • What happens if you are ill and miss 6 weeks during a term?
  • Do you automatically get health insurance during the summer?
  • What are your rights if your supervisor reprimands you?
  • Can you take a tuition waiver during the summer even if you are not teaching?

Graduate students at the UO are represented by the GTFF, a Union run by students. Each department has union stewards who can answer contract related questions.

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