CIS Student Being Recognized by CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award

Juno Mayer, a senior working on his undergraduate honors thesis with UO’s Oregon Network Research Group (adviser: Prof. Ram Durairajan) was selected as an Honorable Mention for the Computing Research Association’s Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award.

Juno’s thesis seeks to assess the resilience of Internet infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) against the impending Cascadia earthquake. To this end, he has designed a framework for pinpointing high-risk areas determined by infrastructure concentration and predicted levels of shaking, and conducted a broad assessment of the potentially affected fiber-optic cables, nodes, and cell towers. The design and initial promise of this framework will appear in Passive and Active Measurement (PAM) conference, 2021. Currently, Juno is investigating the impact that earthquake-induced shaking has at the packet level and proposing performance thresholds for Internet infrastructure in the PNW to best prepare for the Cascadia earthquake.

Juno’s interest in Computer Science stems from technology’s use as a tool for connection in three ways: at the lowest level, a connection of machines to other machines in a network such as the Internet, the connection of humans to machines in an extension of our natural ability to problem solve and create, and at the highest level, in facilitating connections between humans, allowing bonds to form at long distances and cooperation on a global scale.

More information about the award can be found here.