CIS SUMMER SESSION Features Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Cloud Computing and more!

Server farm through fish-eye lense

The CIS Department is offering a rich array of 4 and 8-week summer courses through the 2013 Summer Session.

Here's What CIS Summer Session Can Do for You:

Complete your UO Science Group Requirement 
Complete the UO B.Sci. Math/Computing Requirement
Complete the Entire First Year of the CIT Minor (in just 8 weeks!)
Learn to Program-- it's a Superpower!
Learn How to Create Mobile Apps for iOS and for Android
Learn to use High-Performance Software Tools for Scientific Research
Enhance your Resume and your Skillset

Summer Session registration begins May 6 and classes begin June 24. Please visit for more information.

Regardless of your background, these challenging and fascinating courses will enhance your critical thinking and problem solving skills in the domains of information technology and computer science– essential for success in today's rapidly changing world.