Colloquium Honors Work of Prof. Andrzej Proskurowski

The Department recently hosted a special Colloquium honoring CIS theory faculty Dr. Andrzej Proskurowski on the occasion of his birthday.

A set of international speakers reviewed research work with Dr. Proskurowski, who has over 50 collaborators as coauthors on publications in the area of graph theory and network algorithms.

Speakers included: Art Farley of the University of Oregon, Dr. Frank Ruskey of University of Victoria and Dr. Joseph Peters of Simon Fraser University, both from Canada; Drs. Jan Kratochvil and Jirka Fiala from Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic, and Dr. Jan-Arne Telle of University of Bergen in Norway.

The following morning, an informal seminar was held presenting recent research and open problems in graph theory with applications to computer science.

For more information about Dr. Proskurowski's research collaborations as well as his mountain climbing collaborations please visit