Computer Science Awards Undergraduate Scholarships

Laurel Wreath

Computer Science is pleased to recognize the outstanding students who have been awarded Computer Science Department Scholarships for continuing majors.

Scholarships are awarded for overall quality of academic work and student commitment to learning as demonstrated by coursework and other criteria.  Students are nominated by Computer Science faculty and reviewed by a departmental scholarship committee.

Congratulations on your hard work and achievements, CIS 2020 Scholars!


J. Donald Hubbard Family Scholarship

Established in 2003 by the Hubbard family, this scholarship is awarded to a senior undergrad or a graduate student.  Preference is given to students who show an interest in human-computer interaction, computer graphics, or multimedia. 

CIS - Stefan FieldsStefan Fields’ favorite language is C, and he enjoyed all his classes where C was used, especially CIS 410 Scientific Visualization. He plans to do visualization research with Prof. Childs. Stefan has been a Learning Assistant for the 200-level computer science courses, plans to minor in Philosophy, and likes to read in his free time, mostly fantasy and sci fi.

CIS - Audra McNameeAudra McNamee is a Clark Honors College student, Computer Science major, and member of the Women in Computer Science executive team. She has been a Learning Assistant for the 200-level computer science courses and was a section leader for Stanford’s experimental online Code in Place course this Spring term. Audra also enjoys cyclocross and aerial silks.



Erwin & Gertrude Juilfs Scholarship

Established in 2000 by John Juilfs in memory of his parents, Erwin and Gertrude Juilfs. Awarded to students who show exceptional promise for achievement as evidenced by GPA, originality of research or other applicable criteria. 

CIS - Nick HendersonNick Henderson integrates skills from the Computer Science major into his Business Administration and Entrepreneurship minor.  This summer he will apply these skills at Nike’s internal business incubator, Valiant Labs, with work in machine learning and social media.  He is working with Prof. Durairajan and the Oregon Network Research Group on his thesis, Multi-task Weak Supervision Framework for Internet Measurements.  Nick has been the recipient of a UO Centurion Award for outstanding service as a student leader and academic dedication.

CIS - Zeke PetersonZeke Petersen matriculated at the UO as an Architecture major, switching to Computer Science after his first two years. His favorite class so far is CIS 322 Intro to Software Engineering.  Zeke has worked as a student technician for User Support Services (IT) and the College of Design for almost three years, and is a member of the CIS Cybersecurity Club.


Phillip Seeley Scholarship

Established in 2007 by Phillip Seeley ('68, BS Mathematics), this scholarship is awarded for outstanding undergraduate students majoring in computer and information science at the College of Arts and Sciences. Candidates are evaluated based on the overall quality of their academic work, their commitment to learning, and their potential for further academic achievement. 

CIS - Brandon BowerBrandon Bower is a Computer Science post-bacc and holder of a B.S. in Digital Arts from the UO.  His favorite class so far is the CIS 410 Game Programming class he is taking this term; he is looking forward to Computer Graphics and Computer Vision next year. Brandon has been a Learning Assistant for the 200-level computer science courses.  In his spare time he likes to go for walks, play games such as League of Legends with friends, work on his sketching, 3D modeling, and digital sculpting skills, and write tools for 3D modeling software.

CIS Donna HooshmandDonna Hooshmand is a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. She is a Learning Assistant in CIS 212 this term and is also working on a research project with Prof. Reza Rejaie.  Donna presented results of her work in progress, Longitudinal Analysis of Major Video Streaming Services in the US, at the 2020 UO Undergraduate Research Symposium.

CIS - Andy NguyenAndy Nguyen is a double major in Computer Science and Math.  His favorite class so far has been CIS 322 Intro to Software Engineering, which he is taking this term.  Andy is also taking CIS 407 Programming Challenges seminar; he enjoys competitive programming and has participated in the International Collegiate Programming Contest.

CIS - Eugene TanEugene Tan is a UO Presidential Scholar studying Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. He is working on research with Proj. Reza Rejaie.  Eugene presented his work, Characterizing the Structure of Twitter Network Through Socially-Aware Clustering of Users, at the 2020 UO Undergraduate Research Symposium.


Geoffery Eric Wright Outstanding Junior Award

Established in 1996 by Shari ('83) and Gary Wright in memory of their son Geoffery who died prior to spring term of his senior year. Geoffery would have graduated first in his class. This award was established to reward hard work and give encouragement during the senior year. Awarded to students upon completing their junior year of instruction. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of the overall quality of their academic work, their commitment to learning and a promise of further outstanding achievement in computer and information sciences and its applications. 

Max Terry - CISMax Terry is a Clark Honors College student who has enjoyed all of his courses at the UO, especially those specifically related to software development. Max has been a Learning Assistant for the 200-level computer science courses. In his free time he watches NBA basketball, and knows just about everything there is to know about NBA statistics.

CIS - Simon VenterSimon Venter is a double major in Computer Science and Math, and also studies German. His favorite class so far has been CIS 212. Simon is currently working on original research in math for his honors thesis, Automorphisms on Cuntz Algebras, and plans to translate a math thesis from German to English this summer.  Simon enjoys building computers and learning about the latest computer hardware; this winter he overhauled his Thinkpad T440p by replacing its screen, trackpad, hard drive, RAM, and CPU.