Departmental Programming Contest Results

This year's contest was the Ninth Annual UO Programming Competition and was held on May 7, 2005. There were 6 undergraduate teams and 5 graduate teams in the 2005 Ninth Annual UO Programming Competition. The winners were:

  • Undergraduate Division
    • First Place: Scott Burich, Ross McClure, Daniel Veilleux
    • Second Place: Michael Buckley, Nathan Collins, Aaron Henner
  • Graduate Division
    • First Place: Peter Boothe, Daniel Stuzbach
    • Second Place: Mark Erickson, Katie Ray

Special note: With this 4th win, Daniel Stutzbach has broken the record (which he held along with Harold Connamacher) for most times on our winners' plaque.

See the contest page for more information about this contest, or the programming team page for general information about the programming team.