Prof. Ram Durairajan Receives 3 Grants Totaling $2.4 Million to Improve Network Robustness

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the critical role and societal importance of networks. In light of the growing importance of the today's networks, Assistant Professor Ram Durairajan is awarded 3 grants totalling $2.4 million to improve the robustness of networks by making them smarter and safer.

Grant 1: CC* Integration-Large: Bringing Code to Data: A Collaborative Approach to Democratizing Internet Data Science ($988,548, NSF)

This research seeks to make networks “smarter" by democratizing Internet Data Science. The project introduces a novel and promising ``code-to-data" approach for data-driven network management, and will culminate in an innovative collaborative data labeling and knowledge sharing framework and its applications to practical networking and security use cases across campus networks.  The leading PI is Durairajan, and other co-PIs are at UO (Reza Rejaie, David Teach), UCSB (Arpit Gupta) and Niksun, Inc. (Walter Willinger). More information can be found here.

Grant 2: Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Medium: ONSET: Optics-enabled Network Defenses for Extreme Terabit DDoS Attacks ($1,200,000, NSF)

This research aims to make networks “safer” against extreme terabit DDoS attacks by taking an interdisciplinary approach spanning security, optics, systems, and networks, to address fundamental challenges. The project will develop a new framework which will add new dimensions of defense agility that can programmatically control the topology of the network (in addition to the processing behavior) to tackle advanced and future attacks. The leading PI is Durairajan, and other co-PIs are at CMU (Vyas Sekar) and BU (Alan Liu). More information can be found here.

Grant 3: How to Address Climate Change Risks by Enhancing Internet Infrastructure Resilience? ($200,000, ISOC)

This research seeks to make networks “safer” against natural disasters and build a framework to enhance the overall resilience of Internet infrastructures to climate change-induced multi-hazard risks. The project is solely led by PI Durairajan.