Prof Thanh Nguyen Receives a Grant from the Army Research Office to Study Security Attacks

Prof Thanh Nguyen receives a Grant from the Army Research Office to Study Security Attacks. The project, titled "Tackling Sequential and Coordinated Attacks in Security Domains with Real-time Information", proposes to study the security problem of sequential and coordinated attacks with real-time information using a game-theoretic approach, taking into account strategic and sequential interactions between security agencies and attackers. This project will provide new practical real-world applications which generate advanced computational AI solutions to tackle sequential and coordinated attacks for different real-world security problems. Some domain examples include public safety and security (e.g., terrorist attacks) and cybersecurity (e.g., botnet prevention).

The project is funded by the Army Research Office (ARO) under Grant W911NF-17-S-0002 with an amount of (approximately) $343,000 for three years (October 2020 - September 2023). ARO serves as the Army’s principal agent for the planning, organization, selection, and management of extramural basic research in the physical sciences, engineering sciences, and informational sciences.