Researchers at UO Aim to Make Cycling Around Town Safer

In support of Eugene's climate action plan, the U.O.'s V2X project, lead by Stephen Fickas (CIS), is plugging cyclists into the city's infrastructure. For nearly a year now, the intersection at 18th and Alder has served as a trial, instrumented to prioritize cyclists carrying a special app over cars. According to Marc Schlossberg, a planning, public policy and management professor at UO, this systems allows a cyclist to encounter a green light nearly 80% of the time.

Technology that prioritizes bikes over cars is essential for the city's goal to reduce the number of daily drivers to 50% by 2035. Currently, around 97% of Eugenians drive to work or school everyday and no Eugene intersections prioritize cyclists. While traffic engineers are skeptical about this technology due to possible public safety concerns, achieving the city's goals will require creative re-prioritization on our shared streets, and V2X has provided an initial innovative step in this direction.

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