Summer Programming Languages School Turns 17

An annual, two-week, conference-style lecture series, the Oregon Programming Languages Summer School (OPLSS) has attracted thousands of students and scholars from around the world to the UO since 2002. Each year, guest lectures focus on the fundamental importance of theory in programming language design, formal verification methods, and application of advanced programming languages. In addition to formal lectures, the school features hands-on sessions with invited guests as well as participant talks, fostering a wide range of sharing, creating, and networking opportunities.

This year's focus on parallelism and concurrency exposed the cutting-edge of research on the relationship between programming languages and the multi-processor architectures prevalent in today's computing landscape. Zena Ariola (UO), Robert Harper (Carnegie Mellon University), Guy Bleloch (Carnegie Mellon University), and Paul Downen (UO) organized this year's school which also featured an experimental introductory 'Foundations of Programming Languages' session.

Check out their invaluable website here for more information including video records of lectures and an archive of the school since 2002!