UO CS Team Wins Hack for a Cause 2020 Challenge

A UO CS team consisting of CS majors Sarah Kitten, Sam Peters, and Alec Springel has won one of the three challenges at the 2020 Hack for a Cause hackathon!  The challenge asked participating teams to create a solution for BRING Recycling that allows users to obtain permission for donating specific items prior to making the trip to the recycling center.  The team solved this challenge by implementing a "tinder-for-stuff" website that provides functionality for users to upload photos of their items for approval.  The site frontend is built using ReactJS; the backend is built with NodeJS using Express and with Amazon S3 used for image storage.  Email, text, and Slack notifications are supported via the Twilio and Slack APIs.

Hack for a Cause is an annual civic hackathon cosponsored by the Technology Association of Oregon and the UO CS department, among others.  CIS Senior Instructor Eric D. Wills (Ph.D.) served on the Hack for a Cause steering committee and was tech mentor for the hack. Six teams have competed in this event including two teams from UO students, three teams from the local tech industry, and one UO-industry team.