UO Forges Partnership with Prague's Charles University

Picture of the side of Deschutes Hall, facing the entrance, taken next to the sundial

"Prestigious and a great win for the Ducks" is how UO Provost Scott Coltrane describes the university's new partnership with Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

The partnership is also an example of how research collaboration between UO faculty members and colleagues at other institutions can lead to wider opportunities.

In this case, the agreement stems from research and teaching interests shared by young Czech scholars and senior UO faculty members, one in computer science and the other in physics.

The first began in 1994 with mathematician Jan Kratochvil’s arrival in Eugene on a Fulbright fellowship. Outgoing and eager to pursue new ideas, he spent a year teaching undergraduate courses and launching grant-funded work with Andrzej Proskurowski, now a professor emeritus, and other UO computer scientists. Their collaborations are ongoing.

Now, as dean of Charles University’s Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, an academic unit or school that also includes computer science, Kratochvil has helped shape the new academic exchange program that will send students — and faculty members — back and forth between Eugene and Prague.

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