Data Science Technical Assistant

Company Name:
University of Oregon Athletics

Company Location:
Eugene, Oregon

Title of position:
Data Science Technical Assistant

- Collect and preprocess data.
- Create and share database files.
- Clean and handle text in large quantities.
- Design and build systems that classify text by sentiment and topic.
- Brainstorm and collaborate in a team setting to solve NLP problems.

- Strong knowledge of Python
- Passionate about programming and problem solving
- Experience with Pandas/NumPy (Recommended)
- Experience with SQL (Recommended)
- Knowledge of Linear Algebra (Recommended)
- Knowledge of NLP techniques (Bonus)
- Knowledge of Machine Learning Frameworks (Bonus)

For experience and resume building

Expected Start Date:
April 27th

How to Apply:
Send your resume and a quick description about your experience to with the subject "Data Science Technical Assistant Application"