Network Technician

Job Title: Network Technician
Supervisor: David Lyman, Executive Director
Location: Varies, Headquarters in Salt Lake City
Pay: Day Rate, $200-$350

Job Overview
Network Technicians work closely with other Technicians, Team Managers, and the Executive Director to perform duties including (but not limited to) connecting Internet in remote locations, setup of VoIP phones, and transmitting video. Travel is required as job locations are at various wildfire camps throughout the western United States, and can be on short notice. Camping is necessary, and deployment can be up to 21 days. Pay is subject to increase based upon competency and performance. Basic networking experience is preferred, however training will be provided for all duties.

Responsibilities and Duties
-Provide internet connectivity to remote locations by microwave radio, fiber optic cable, satellite or copper wire.
-Deploy and maintain network, including WiFi, in a wildland fire camp setting.
-Connect and manage VoIP phones, WiFi access points, cellular services, video transmission, as well as other services as requested.
-Interface with the public, customers, and private fiber optic connection providers.
-Travel to job sites, such as wildfire camps.
-Camp at wildfire camps (showers and catering are generally provided but sleeping gear is not).

-Basic computer and networking hardware/software skills, preferred
-Troubleshooting capabilities
-General use of hand tools
-Ability to write, speak, and communicate effectively in English
-Responsible, self-motivated, and willing to learn
-Valid Driver’s License
-Able to work throughout fire season (April-October), preferred

Questions/Interest in Position contact Cheril Meinhardt at (801) 652-2024 or at