Remote Data Science and ML Projects

Internships & REUs

Ambition Data ( has built a product to measure customer equity within certain companies. We believe that when companies understand who is a good customer and who is a bad one, they can make not only more cost-effective choices but they can more easily innovate to solve real world problems. Our way of looking at data gives them a level of customer transparency which was difficult to produce or unavailable to them previously.

We have a few discrete projects related to testing economic principles and behavior in the models, data engineering translation, and the possibly the addition of machine learning to create customization break points, and possibly the use of graph analyses for behavioral clustering. We're looking for good problem solvers who can use the resources we have to stretch their data science, coding and machine learning muscles. The internship is paid and runs to the end of 2020 with a possible extension.

If this is of interest to you, then let us know three things:
1) Where can we find examples of your work?
2) Please share a personal example of how one business used your data that felt valuable to you and why?
3) What do you think you should be paid and why?

Please send replies to Allison Hartsoe,