UI web and database developer


Job Description:
Innovative law firm is seeking one or more individuals to develop demonstration of concept project. Selected candidate(s) will be working closely with the principal to organize data collection and create an interactive user interface.

Project includes configuration of MongoDB database and building extensible user interface to add records manually and refine/annotate ingested records along with configuring Atlas Search and building interface for full-text search based on key words, synonyms, and facets returning results with snippets. Additional development of targeted web scraper and automated ingestion tools.

Apply as an individual or with colleagues as a team. Selected candidate(s) will establish a project plan in phases and implement each according to the plan. At least one individual must be able to communicate and teach others how to manage the database.

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills
· Well-developed computer skills
· Ability to organize work keep track of tasks
· Pay attention to detail
· Work collaboratively with others
· Experience with UI design, MongoDB, WordPress, and web scraping tools required by one or more members of the team

Compensation will be commensurate with experience, and commitment level, with bonus based on quality of final deliverables.

Please apply by sending a CV to: dmccann@mortgagebanking.law