Associate Data Scientist / Computational Biologist


Verge Genomics is a next-generation biopharmaceutical start-up using human genomics to accelerate development of life-saving treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. Our platform uses patient tissue profiling, human genetics, and machine learning to identify new therapeutic gene targets, predict effective drugs, and stratify patient subpopulations for increased clinical success. Verge's approach offers a breakthrough opportunity to identify drugs that dramatically improve patient outcomes and fundamentally lower the cost curve of pharmaceutical development.

The newly formed Translational Genomics team is seeking a creative and motivated Data Scientist / Computational Biologist. The Data Scientist will work closely with PhD scientists to design and execute analyses that bring forth actionable insights for the drug discovery process. This position will make extensive use of large internal and external biological datasets, such as high throughput sequencing, proteomics, drug development, toxicity, and chemical tractability databases to aid in prioritization of novel drug targets and biomarkers for severe neurodegenerative diseases. Working with a diversity of biological data types and analyses will provide an exciting and dynamic experience with potential for rapid growth of responsibilities. The position is open to remote work with occasional travel to Verge in South San Francisco.

What You'll Do

  • Interface with scientists across computational, translational genomics, and target validation/exploratory biology groups to understand unmet needs and help translate human -omics data insights into actionable experimental follow-up and drug target decisions
  • Develop scripts to interrogate large biological datasets, document analyses, perform basic statistical tests, distill sound conclusions, and communicate findings to the scientific team
  • Apply machine learning techniques to identify non-obvious connections between gene, protein, drug, or other feature types and probability of drug target success
  • Proactively identify new data types and analysis methods of value to drug target or biomarker discovery efforts for neurodegenerative diseases

Job Requirements & Technical Competencies, Required:

  • MS or PhD degree in computational biology, computer science, data science, statistics, or similar discipline plus zero to two years post-graduate experience, preferably in biotech industry roles
  • Fluency with Python and/or R programming, preferably in cloud-based environments such as a Linux/Unix environment on Amazon Web Services
  • Familiarity with SQL or other relational database querying and theory
  • Experience working with high throughput genomics datasets of at least one type, such as DNA or RNA sequencing from Illumina platforms
  • Ability to communicate technical details to a diverse audience and collaborate across our organization

Job Requirements & Technical Competencies, Nice to Have:

  • Fluency with basic concepts of molecular biology and multiple contemporary “-omics” methods is a plus
  • Experience with machine learning techniques and scikit-learn package is a plus
  • Familiarity with software version control (Git repositories) and experience documenting analyses or script development with Jupyter notebooks or similar is a plus
  • Experience working with additional large biological data types, such as proteomics, metabolomics, imaging data, gene ontology databases, etc. is a plus
  • Experience with neurological disease, drug discovery or related research is a plus

Help us revolutionize the way drugs are discovered & developed:
The startup nature of Verge Genomics provides multiple growth opportunities into other areas of the company. As one of the early employees at Verge, your work will have a direct impact on the foundation of a groundbreaking new drug development model. In addition to competitive compensation and benefits, we offer perks like unlimited vacation/sick days, on-site gym access, and free lunch.