CIS Department Alumni List -- 2010s

This is only a partial list of alumni.

Alumni not listed are invited to fill out the alumni page registration form or mail the webmaster with new or updated information.

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Name Email
Whitman, Haley (Bachelors)
Zaman, Mohsina (Masters)
Zuroske, Troy (Masters)
Kelly-Reif, Chase (Bachelors)
Agnihotri, Akash (Masters)
Adams, Bryan (Bachelors)
Alkhelaifi, Abdulrahman (Bachelors)
Balireddi, Monisha (Masters)
Beick, Kevin William (Bachelors)
Bochsler, Oliver (Bachelors)
Brice, Holly (Bachelors)
Cagle, Samuel (Bachelors)
Diwan, Sahil (Bachelors)
Griggs, Brenda Lucia (Bachelors)
Gyde, Nicholas (Bachelors)
Hollembaek, Braden (Bachelors)
Juarez, Cam (Bachelors)
Li, Beibei (Bachelors)
Li, Sze Yan (Melody) (Bachelors)
Smith, Jaclyn (Bachelors)
Townsend, Evan (Bachelors)
Wai, ho Ka "Calvin" (Bachelors)
Wang, Mofei (Bachelors)
Watkins, Christina (Bachelors)
Zhao, Hanqing (Bachelors)
Aljalajel, Majed (Bachelors)
Beardsworth, Michael (Bachelors)
Bradbury, Daniel (Bachelors)
Choi, Yonghwan (Bachelors)
Fox, Zachary (Bachelors)
Khalil Shehab (Bachelors)
Koch, Daniel (Bachelors)  
Leonard, Ryan (Bachelors)
Liu, Jiazhang (Bachelors)
Nystrom, Kyle (Bachelors)
Remer, Zak (Bachelors)
Ross, David (Bachelors)
Syrie, Brad (Bachelors)
Weston, Alexandra Walton (Bachelors)
Zhang Haibo (Bachelors)
Zhang, Ran (Bachelors)
Seright, Cameron (Bachelors)
Muthuswamy, Kals (Masters)
Wimalasuriya, Daya (Doctoral)
Gladstone, Anna (Bachelors)
LePendu, Paea (Doctoral)
McCornack, Andy (Bachelors)
Mundra, Daniel (Masters)