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Computer science, the study of computation, offers students the challenge and excitement of a dynamically evolving science whose discoveries and applications affect every aspect of modern life. Computer science is a rich intellectual field where practitioners apply a computational approach to address a wide variety of interesting and challenging problems. Computer scientists are engaged in research in core areas of theoretical computer science, computer systems design, algorithms, and programming languages, as well as more application-oriented areas such as databases, networking, and informatics.

Undergraduate Programs

The CS major includes interdisciplinary and internal tracks to prepare our students for future careers in this rapidly changing field. We offer four interdisciplinary tracks in collaboration with the Lundquist College of Business, the Department of Art, and the Department of Biology. Three internal tracks highlight the strengths of our cutting-edge research faculty. The MACS degree offers students the opportunity to study computer science while retaining strong foundations in mathematics.

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Graduate Programs

The Ph.D. is an advanced degree reserved for students who demonstrate both a comprehensive understanding of computer science and an ability to do creative research. Our research faculty are international leaders in their fields of expertise which fall broadly into the areas of informatics, computational science and scientific visualization, networking and security, programming languages and software engineering, HCI, and theory. Admission to the Ph.D. program is highly competitive. The master's degree program in CS provides students with advanced coursework in the field of computer science as well as opportunities to complete an in-depth project or to become involved in research.

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