Public Talks

December 2021
02 Limitless Connectivity with Non-Terrestrial Networks: From 5G Evolution to 6G

Dr. Xingqin Lin Ericsson Research, Santa Clara, CA, USA

November 2021
11 Secure and trustworthy networked and distributed computer systems

Dr. Rakesh Bobba Oregon State University

04 The design of programming abstractions for processing data streams

Dr. Konstantinos Mamouras Rice University

October 2021
27 Strength and Limitations of Reinforcement Learning and Monte Carlo Methods for Generating Pathological Performance Test Cases

Ziyad Alsaeed University of Oregon

Dissertation Defense
21 Graduate Student Town Hall

Dr. Reza Rejaie University of Oregon

07 Prof. Hank Childs meets with grad students

UO CIS Prof. Hank Childs University of Oregon

September 2021
22 FLAMENCO: A Programmatic Labeling and Sharing Framework for Internet Data Science

Yukhe Lavinia University of Oregon

Directed Research Project