Public Talks

December 2020
03 Compactness versus Robustness: Either or Both?

Zhangyang "Atlas" Wang University of Texas, Austin

November 2020
25 Semantic Oppositeness for Inconsistency and Disagreement Detection in Natural Language

Nisansa de Silva University of Oregon

Dissertation Defense
19 Police Hacking and the Investigation of Cybercrime

Bryce Newell School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon

12 Reconfigurable Optical Networks: Theory, Practice, and Applications

Matthew Hall University of Oregon

Area Exam
12 AI for Public Health and Conservation: Learning and Planning in the Data-to-Deployment Pipeline

Milind Tambe Harvard University/Google Research India

October 2020
22 Thunder CTF: Learning Cloud Security on a Dime

Wu-chang Feng Portland State University

07 Language Understanding in the Human Brain

Dr. Tom M. Mitchell Carnegie Mellon University