Public Talks

May 2021
20 Cybersecurity - research and academic opportunities for students and faculty!

Leo F. Howell Chief Information Security Officer, University of Oregon

April 2021
29 Improving IP address blocklists

Jelena Mirkovic USC Information Sciences Institute

20 How to Make Federated Learning Self-Adaptive?

Shiqiang Wang IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

09 The Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Complex Event Processing Framework for CPS/IoT Systems

Jared Hall University of Oregon

Directed Research Project
08 Enriching network traffic telemetry with network, application, and business context

Avi Freedman Kentik

March 2021
11 Dynamic Adaptation Techniques and Opportunities to Improve HPC Runtimes

Mohammad Alaul Haque Monil University of Oregon

Area Exam
11 ZettaScale Computing on Exascale Platforms

Shantenu Jha Rutgers University and Brookhaven National Laboratory

04 Enhancing Monte Carlo Particle Transport for Modern Many-Core Architectures

Ryan Bleile University of Oregon

Dissertation Defense
03 Utilizing Text Structure for Information Extraction

Amir Veyseh University of Oregon

Area Exam
February 2021
26 Layered Network Protocols for Secure Communications in the Internet of Things

Zhangxiang Hu University of Oregon

Area Exam
19 Deriving Practical Implementations of First-class Functions

Zachary Sullivan University of Oregon

Area Exam
11 Robust Android Malware Detection

Yingjiu Li University of Oregon

02 Online Monitoring, Analysis, and Feedback for High-Performance Computing Systems

Chad Wood University of Oregon

Area Exam
January 2021
28 Securing Cyber-Physical and IoT Systems in Smart Living Environments

Sajal K. Das Missouri University of Science and Technology

21 Conceptual Challenges in Formal Fairness for AI

Ramón Alvarado Philosophy and Data Science Initiative, University of Oregon

14 NLP in applied linguistics: Target language domains, rater cognition, and improving classification accuracy

Kristopher Kyle Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon

December 2020
11 Improving Parallel Particle Advection Performance With Machine Learning

Sam Schwartz University of Oregon

Directed Research Project
11 Evolution of Programming Approaches for High-Performance Heterogeneous Systems

Jacob Lambert University of Oregon

Area Exam
03 Compactness versus Robustness: Either or Both?

Zhangyang "Atlas" Wang University of Texas, Austin

November 2020
25 Semantic Oppositeness for Inconsistency and Disagreement Detection in Natural Language

Nisansa de Silva University of Oregon

Dissertation Defense
19 Police Hacking and the Investigation of Cybercrime

Bryce Newell School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon

12 Reconfigurable Optical Networks: Theory, Practice, and Applications

Matthew Hall University of Oregon

Area Exam
12 AI for Public Health and Conservation: Learning and Planning in the Data-to-Deployment Pipeline

Milind Tambe Harvard University/Google Research India

October 2020
22 Thunder CTF: Learning Cloud Security on a Dime

Wu-chang Feng Portland State University

07 Language Understanding in the Human Brain

Dr. Tom M. Mitchell Carnegie Mellon University