Public Talks

June 2019
06 Celebrating Undergraduate Success

University of Oregon

May 2019
20 Title: TBA

Kanika Sood University of Oregon

Dissertation Defense
April 2019
08 Strategies for Seed Placement and Streamline Selection

Sudhanshu Sane University of Oregon

Area Exam
04 Computational Models of Learning: Leveraging Human Learning Data to Build Better Machine Learning Models

Christopher MacLellan Carnegie Mellon University

04 Software-defined security for next generation networks

Vyas Sekar CMU

March 2019
21 Fast Transactions in Bitcoin: Attacks and Defenses

Yingjiu Li Singapore Management University

19 Ruozhou Yu (Arizona State University )

Rouzhou Yu Arizona State University

18 Building Intelligent Seeing Machines

Wei Tang Northwestern University

18 Scientific Visualization on Supercomputers: A Survey

Roba Binyahib University of Oregon

Area Exam
14 Understanding and Improving Deep Neural Networks

Jeff Clune Uber AI Labs & University of Wyoming

13 Understanding the Performance of HPC Applications

Brian Gravelle University of Oregon

Area Exam
12 PFirewall: Privacy-Perservating Semantics-Aware Data Flow Control for Smart Home IoT Systems

Xiaojiang Du Temple University

07 Interactive Learning in Structured and Partially Observable Domains

Kamyar Azizzadenesheli University of California Irvine

06 On Measuring Internet Topology & its Applications

Bahador Yeganeh University of Oregon

Area Exam
05 Computer Vision for the Real World

Joseph Redmon University of Washington

04 Optimizing Visualization Performance on Power-Constrained Supercomputers

Stephanie Labasan University of Oregon

Dissertation Defense
01 Scaling Collaborative Filtering with PETSc

Alister Johnson University of Oregon

Directed Research Project
February 2019
28 Accurate Visual Understanding for Intelligent Systems

Honghui Shi University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

28 The Applications of Machine Learning Techniques in Networking

Soheil Jamshidi University of Oregon

Area Exam
22 Index-Based Search Techniques for Visualization and Data Analysis Algorithms on Many-Core Systems

Brenton Lessley University of Oregon

Dissertation Defense
21 Towards Intelligent Agents That Can See, Talk, and Act

Stefan Lee Indiana University

21 Verification Techniques for Low-Level Programs

Samuel Pollard University of Oregon

Area Exam
19 In situ data processing computational scientific data using adios framework

Scott A. Klasky Oak Ridge National Laboratory

January 2019
23 Methods for Accelerating Machine Learning in High Performance Computing

Robert Lim University of Oregon

Area Exam
10 Directed Research Project Presentations

Ph.D. Students University of Oregon

December 2018
03 Parallel Hypergraph Transversals

Roscoe Casita University of Oregon

Directed Research Project
November 2018
29 AutoDL: Automated Neural Network Architecture Search for Open & Inclusive AI

Jun (Luke) Huan Baidu Research

21 Usable Cybersecurity - Foundations and Cloud-hosted Application Case Studies

Prasad Calyam University of Missouri-Columbia

20 Robustness of Neural Networks for Discrete Input: An Adversarial Perspective

Javid Ebrahimi University of Oregon

Dissertation Defense
20 End-to-End Service Optimization and Control in Next Generation Cloud-Integrated Networks

Jaime Llorca Nokia Bell Labs

19 In Situ Visualization for Exascale Computing

Matt Larson Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

08 OpenSHMEM: POSH and Helena

Camille Coti University of Paris North-XIII

06 A Flexible Approach to Relational Modeling of Social Network Spam

Jonathan Brophy University of Oregon

Directed Research Project
01 Putting REST to rest: challenging the status quo for better mobile, IOT, and connected apps and services

David Ratner Realm

October 2018
26 From Password to Face Biometrics: Attacks and Defenses

LI Yingjiu Singapore Management University

25 Optimal Scheduling of In Situ Analyses

Todd Munson Argonne National Laboratory

  • Ian Foster, Christopher Knight, Michael Papka, Venkat Vishwanath Argonne
  • Scott Klasky Oak Ridge
  • Kerstin Kleese Van Dam Brookhaven
  • Preeti Malakar IIT Kanpur
18 Faculty Research Topics

Hank Childs, Boyana Norris, Thanh Nguyen University of Oregon

11 Faculty Research Topics

Dejing Dou, Lei Jiao, Thien Huu Nguyen University of Oregon

01 vFiber: A System for Virtualizing Optical Fibers

Matthew Hall University of Oregon

Directed Research Project