Research Groups

Advisor Topics Research Group
Zena Ariola programming languages, term rewriting systems, Lambda-calculus, logic Ariola Group
Hank Childs visualization, high-performance computing, Big Data Computing and Data Understanding at eXtreme Scale (CDUX)
Dejing Dou artificial intelligence, data mining, information extraction, health informatics Advanced Integration and Mining Lab (AIM)
Ramakrishnan Durairajan computer networking, networked systems Durairajan Group
Brittany Erickson Scientific Computing, Numerical Partial Differential Equations, Computational Seismology and Geophysics, High-Performance Computing Erickson Group
Anthony Hornof human-computer interaction, cognitive modeling, eye tracking, assistive technology Human-Computer Interaction Lab
Lei Jiao edge/cloud computing, distributed AI/ML, security and privacy, energy and transportation, social networks and multimedia Jiao Group
Jun Li computer and network security, networking, distributed computing Network & Security Research Lab
Daniel Lowd machine learning, artificial intelligence Lowd Group
Allen Malony parallel and distributed computing, performance analysis, high-performance computing, scientific software environments Performance Research Lab (PRL)
Thien Huu Nguyen information extraction, natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence Natural Language Processing Group
Boyana Norris high-performance computing, software engineering, performance analysis, modeling, and optimization High-Performance Computing Lab (HPCL)
Reza Rejaie computer networks, multimedia networking, P2P networking, network measurement Oregon Network Research Group (ONRG)
Humphrey Shi Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AI Systems & Applications SHI Lab
Joe Sventek complex event processing, Internet of Things Sventek Group
Christopher Wilson computational complexity, models of computation Wilson Group
Michal Young software engineering, software test and analysis Young Group


Emeriti faculty in Computer Science:

Name Topics Web Page
Sarah Douglas human-computer interaction here
Arthur Farley network design, artificial evolution, artificial intelligence here
Stephen Fickas software engineering as applied to data science, software engineering as applied to IoT, software engineering as applied to HPC on low-energy devices here
Virginia Lo P2P computing, parallel computing, distributed computing, computer science education  
Eugene Luks algebraic algorithms, computational complexity, symbolic computation here
Andrzej Proskurowski algorithm graph theory, models of communication networks here
Kent Stevens computational biomechanics, three-dimensional visualization here

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