Low Resource Event Extraction: A Survey

Viet Lai
Date and time: 
Thu, Oct 20 2022 - 10:00am
Viet Lai
University of Oregon
  • Thien Huu Nguyen (Chair)
  • Daniel Lowd
  • Humphrey Shi

Extracting events from text is one of the key research themes in natural language processing. This process includes several tasks such as event detection, entity extraction, argument extraction. As one of the most important topics in natural language processing and natural language understanding, the applications of event extraction spans across a wide range of domains such as newswire, biomedical domain, history and humanity, and cyber security. This report presents a comprehensive survey for event detection from textual documents. In this report, we provide the task definition, the evaluation method, as well as the benchmark datasets and a taxonomy of methodologies for event extraction. We also present our vision of future research direction in event detection.