Database and Informatics

The Database and Informatics track can be used to satisfy the track requirements of the CIS Major.

Tracks highlight areas of specialization within the department and guide student elective choices. Each track has an approved list of CIS courses, available from the computer science office or the department website. Tracks may also include recommended science and math courses; some include a minor in another field.

The Database and Informatics track prepares students for careers in database application programming, database design, doctoral work in business administration, and graduate work in informatics and database theory. Course work includes data structures, data architecture, and data mining.

Faculty Advisors: Dejing Dou, Daniel Lowd, Chris Wilson.

104 credits total

CIS Core Requirements (80 credits) 80
CIS Track Requirements (24 credits)  
Complete the following course:
  • CIS 451 Database Processing
Complete 1 course selected from the following:
  • CIS 452 Database Issues
  • CIS 453 Data Mining
Complete 1 course selected from the following:
  • CIS 427 Introduction to Logic
  • CIS 432 Introduction to Networks
  • CIS 443 User Interfaces
  • CIS 445 Modeling and Simulation
  • CIS 452 Database Issues
  • CIS 453 Data Mining
  • CIS 454 Bioinformatics
  • CIS 471 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CIS 472 Machine Learning
  • CIS 473 Probabilistic Methods
  • CIS 490 Computer Ethics
  • CIS 399 Unix System Administration (summer only)
Complete 8 additional upper-division CIS elective credits
  • Choose electives from CIS upper-division courses, including Individualized Study Courses.
  • CIS 399 and 410 must have regular class meetings, homework assignments and a prerequisite of 313 or higher.
Complete 4 upper-division math elective credits
  • Choose any upper division math course (300-level or higher) with a prerequisite of MATH 252 or higher, or CIS 413, 420, 427, 410 Cryptography, 473 Probabilistic Methods.
  • CIS courses used to complete mathematics elective cannot be used toward upper-division CIS elective credits.