CIS Minor

Effective Fall 2015

General Information/Requirements

The minor in computer and information science introduces the theories and techniques of computer science and develops programming skills that are applicable to the student's major. It is a strong complement to a major in any of the sciences and in related fields such as multimedia arts. Students from all majors have found their career opportunities enhanced through the CIS minor.

Declaring a Minor

Before enrolling in CIS 313 or other upper-division courses, you must officially declare the minor with the CIS department. Students are welcome to consult with your CIS faculty advisor to plan the minor program.

Satisfactory Progress in the CIS Minor Lower Division

Students must earn grades of B- or higher in CIS 210, 211, 212 and in Math 231 and 232 for automatic advancement to upper-division CIS courses.

Students with at most one C (any level) in the lower division required courses and no other warning signs regarding preparedness for upper division courses (for example, repeated courses or other low grades) may submit a prerequisite override request to continue in the minor.  Students should be aware that requests are not automatically approved; approval depends on individual circumstances and will be conditional. 

Students who receive a prerequisite override to register for a 300-level class must earn a grade of B- or better in that class. Any grade below B- in a class for which an override was given, will be treated as a grade below C-  in an upper division core course.

Satisfactory Progress in the CIS Minor Upper Division

All upper-division coursework must be completed with a grade of C- or better. 

Students who receive two grades below C- in upper-division core courses, or three grades below C- in upper division elective CIS classes, will be removed from the minor.

32 Credits

Lower-Division Courses (20 credits) 20
Complete the following sequences concurrently. Courses must be taken graded.
  • CIS 210-212 Introduction to Computer Science I-II-III
  • MATH 231-232 Elements of Discrete Mathematics I-II
Required Upper-Division Course (4 credits) 4
Complete the following course. It must be taken graded.
  • CIS 313 Introduction to Data Structures
Upper-Division Electives (8 credits) 8
Complete at least two upper-division CIS courses. All courses must be taken graded. Courses numbered 399-409 will be counted only if permission is obtained before registering for the course.