Faculty Advising

CS and MACS majors are encouraged to meet with faculty advisors as they progress through the major. The CS advisors help guide students through their entire undergraduate programs.

Students are minimally required to meet with undergraduate advisors in the following instances:

  • An advising appointment is required before declaring a CS or MACS major, and recommended before declaring a CS or CIT minor.
  • CS and MACS majors are also required to meet with a faculty advisor to complete their major progress review before the end of the 300-level series.

At the time of the major progress review, students will also be assigned a faculty track advisor associated with their chosen track. The "track advisor" will oversee student progress through the upper-division portion of the CS major, and can advise students on how to best prepare for grad school, internships, jobs, etc.

CS faculty advisors are available for scheduled and drop-in advising throughout the week. Click here to see advising hours.

NOTE: Faculty advisors have other responsibilities that may from time to time cause unavoidable conflicts with office hours, so it is always a good idea to check ahead to confirm advising times for a particular day or week.

To schedule an appointment outside of the posted advising hours, send email to info@cs.uoregon.edu.