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Preparing for a CS or MACS Major at UO

UO Computer and Information Science / Math and Computer Science major lower-division requirements are as follows:

  • CS 210 (CS 161)
  • CS 211 (CS 162)
  • CS 212 (CS 260)
  • Math 231 and 232 (Discrete Math)
  • Math 251 and 252 (Calculus)
  • Three additional math classes are required for the major. Students may take upper division classes at the UO; Math 253 and/or Math 260 (Linear Algebra) can also count toward this computer science major requirement. (Note: Math 253 is required for the MACS major.)
  • One of the following science sequences: [PHYS 201, 202, 203] or [CHEM 221, 222, 223] or [BIOL 211, 212, 213] or [GEOL 201, 202, 203 (ERTH 201, 202, 203)].  (Other options for the additional science sequence are available at the UO.)

Students transferring to the UO as Computer Science majors will usually have taken some, though not necessarily all, of these courses.  It is important to schedule an appointment with an advisor to develop an academic plan for the CS major at the UO. You are welcome to meet with a Tykeson Academic and Career Advisor (Scientific Discovery and Sustainability team) in Tykeson Hall to develop an academic plan for the CS major at the UO.

Appointments can be scheduled by sending email to  You may also schedule an appointment with a Tykeson Academic and Career Advisor via Navigate: or call to  book an appointment through Tykeson Hall Reception: 541-346-9200.

Programming Languages in the CS Major

CS 210 and 211 are taught using Python, and CS 212 is taught using C. Students who have taken CS 210, 211, and 212 course equivalents at their current school may want to take a course in Python and/or C.

Discrete Math Requirements

Math 231 and 232 are prerequisites for most 300-level CS courses, and should be taken with the equivalents of CS 210, 211, and 212 if possible. CS 250 and CS 251 Discrete Structures may substitute for Math 231 and 232 by CS Petition form. If the transfer institution does not offer these courses, then they must be taken during the first two terms at the UO. Students should consult with a CS advisor to develop an academic plan for their first year in the program.

Satisfactory Progress

The equivalents of CS 210, 211, 212, and Math 231, 232 must be completed with grades of B- or better to register for 300-level CS courses at the University of Oregon.

CIT Minor and Lane Community College Transfer Students

LCC students who are interested in the Computer Information Technology (CIT) minor at the UO should be aware that the following courses may be able to substitute for UO minor requirements by CS Petition form to the Computer Science Undergraduate Education Committee.

  • LCC 195 Web Authoring for CS 110 Fluency with Information Technology
  • LCC 133 Beginning Programming (JavaScript) for CS 111 Introduction to Web Programming
  • LCC 233 Intermediate Programming (JavaScript) for CIT 281 Web Applications Development I

All courses must have been completed with grades of B or better.

A student who has completed the appropriate lower division courses at LCC will be able to complete the CIT minor in one year at the UO:

  • CIT 381 Database Systems* (Fall)
  • CIT 382 Web Applications Development II (Winter)
  • CIT 383 Networking Fundamentals (Spring)

*Students who have taken CS 275 Database Systems and Modeling and CS 276 Database SQL Programming and received grades of B+ or better should talk to a UO Computer Science advisor about possibly substituting another upper division Computer Science class for CIT 381.

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